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Being an INFP Writer is challenging.

Although many INFPs have a love for writing, often it's a struggle to stick with a writing project, overcome distraction, and feel brave enough to share the results at the end of it all. Plus, there is that haunting pile of unfinished writing projects.

My name is Arcadia Page, and as an INFP writer, I've had to struggle to hold on to my favorite method of self-expression through time-consuming employment, depression, and crippling perfectionism. However, by finding writing approaches that fit the way I process the world, I've been able to overcome all of these challenges and regularly publish finished work.

If you're an INFP who struggles with maintaining motivation to finish your writing projects, getting a handle on the never-ending stream of new ideas, or feeling that life keeps getting in the way of your writing dreams, this book is for you.

Here I share everything that I've learned with hopes of helping you find your process as an INFP writer.

This book will help you:

✓ Keep motivated and deal with distractions. 

✓ Create a method to get writing done, regardless of your circumstances. 

✓ Bravely share your work and earn income. 

✓ Find other writing resources that fit the intuitive and nonlinear approach of INFPs.

I Can't Help Being an INFP Writer is an inspirational guide you can pick up at any point in your writer's journey, be it while developing ideas or tackling self-publishing. It's designed so you can easily pick and chose which tips fit you, making your writing process uniquely your own.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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